our purpose

Greetings from our President

The academic success of our LISD students rests primarily on the shoulders of our teachers. However, with budgetary restraints, our teachers have limited resources to introduce new projects, technologies, and other innovative teaching methods into our classrooms.

It is truly my honor to serve as the 2016 President of the Lufkin ISD Education Foundation.  As a parent of two boys currently attending LISD, I am so grateful for the opportunities our children are receiving as a result of the innovative teaching grants the Foundation funds each year.

As a founding member of the Education Foundation, it is so exciting to take part in recognizing our outstanding educators and empowering them as they implement their brilliant ideas in the classroom.

Thank you to all of you who have partnered with us to build up these teachers and students. It is my sincere prayer that everyone in our community will join this effort to catapult education in Lufkin to unprecedented heights. Together we can make a lasting impact on our children and create a brighter economic future for our community!


Heather Buchanan, President
Lufkin ISD Education Foundation