Top 20 Seniors!

 It is our privilege to honor the top twenty graduates of the Lufkin Independent School District. We recognize these young men and women for their high scholastic achievement, earning the highest grade point averages among the 2020 LHS graduating class. They also distinguish themselves by participating in extracurricular school activities and in providing service to others in our community. Setting high standards and goals for themselves and through hard work, they have successfully achieved beyond the norm. For their superior achievements, we proudly name these young scholars as our 2020 Panthers of Prestige. 

We are also proud to recognize twenty outstanding educators. Each graduate chose the teacher he or she wished to honor as a Teacher of Influence in their personal success. These educators excel in sharing their knowledge, wisdom and guidance to further the quest for learning and the desire for excellence. They represent the teachers of LISD who have gone above and beyond to educate our students. 

The Lufkin ISD Education Foundation Board thanks Linebarger Goggan Blair and Sampson, LLP for their generous underwriting of this event. We are grateful that they share our vision of providing teachers the resources to enrich the academic experience for our students and to produce academically outstanding students such as the ones we honor tonight. 

Thank you, Linebarger Goggan Blair and Sampson, LLP, for your support! 


The mission of the Lufkin ISD Education Foundation is to provide opportunities for excellence in education, promote innovation in teaching, and partner with the community to enhance the quality of education for all students of the Lufkin Independent School District.



Event Program


Demetress Harrell, Education Foundation President


Valedictorian & Salutatorian Announcements 

Lynn Torres, Superintendent,

Lufkin ISD 

Grants in Action Video 

LISD Education Foundation’s Mission and Accomplishments 

Vercie McMullen, Executive Director, LISD Education Foundation 

2020 Top LISD Graduate Presentation to their Educator of Influence 

Thanks & Closing Remarks 

Demetress Harrell 

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Letter from the President

Top 20 Graduating Seniors, 

On behalf of the Lufkin Education Foundation, I would like to extend our sincere congratulations to each of you, on your impressive academic achievements. You represent your senior class with magnificent honor and we are tremendously elated by your remarkable devotion to education. 

We recognize this year has presented a series of unprecedented events, however we want you to know that we will never allow anything to overshadow your exceptional accomplishments. I want to encourage you to continue to seek the gold standard during your college career and to realize you are our great leaders of tomorrow. 

While this 2020 year has not afforded you all of your hearts desires with celebrations and year end activities, please know that you’re family, friends, school, community and our Foundation members are extremely proud of you. We mark this year as a success and your courageous adaptive character has been highly complemented.

Top 20 Seniors, may your future present many rich rewards and grant you the impeccable opportunities to excel beyond measure. As you envision navigating your college journey, take a moment to reflect on the wonderful memories you have created over the last twelve years. It is those cherished memories that define your commitment to reach this level and we commend your excellence. 


Demetress Harrell 

Lufkin ISD Education Foundation President


Meet our honorees

Panther of Prestige

Andrew B. Adams II

Educator of Influence

Dayna Kerr 

Calculus and Computer Science 

Panther of Prestige

Logan J. Armstrong 


Educator of Influence

Lila Guadalupe  

Spanish III, IV and V AP 

Panther of Prestige

Garin E. Ashby 


Educator of Influence

Truitt Eubank

Principles of Ecology, Soil Conservation, and Intro. to

Natural Resources 

Panther of Prestige

Hilda D. Cuello Gonzalez

Educator of Influence

Suzy Jungmann

LISD STEM Coordinator 

Panther of Prestige

Kaylin R. Davis 

Educator of Influence

Janice Holcomb

Accounting I, Advanced Accounting, UIL Academic Accounting Coach

Panther of Prestige

Jaxon E. Griffith

Educator of Influence

Ryan Cantrell

STEM 3, STEM 4, Aquatic Sci, AP Environmental, Environmental Sys

Panther of Prestige

Nicholas K. Hargroue

Educator of Influence

Daniel Usher

AP United States Government

and Politics

Panther of Prestige

Alexander S. Hill

Educator of Influence

Savanna Tutt

8th Grade English

Panther of Prestige

Zachary L. Hill

Educator of Influence

Elizabeth Perkins

IPC, Environmental Systems, Aquatic Science and STEM 1

Panther of Prestige

Paige E. Hoelewyn

Educator of Influence

Nicole Stewart


Panther of Prestige

William F. Lanigan

Educator of Influence

George Little


Panther of Prestige

Kimberly Ly

Educator of Influence

Andy Adams

Yearbook I/II/III and Newspaper I/II

Panther of Prestige

Lizabeth Martinez

Educator of Influence

Gary Hamilton

Algebra 1 Pre-AP

Panther of Prestige

Cy A. Murphy

Educator of Influence

David Willis

Physics Pre-AP, STEM 2

Panther of Prestige

Natalie A. Naramore

Educator of Influence

Addie Garner

5th Grade Science and Reading

Panther of Prestige

Alyssa N. Nunn

Educator of Influence

Danny Eubanks

10th Grade Gifted and Talented Teacher, PAP English II, AP World History, AP Art History 

Panther of Prestige

Pooja Ramnath

Educator of Influence

Shelley Tatum

English IV AP and English II

Panther of Prestige

Amal J. Saleh

Educator of Influence

Kathy Thannisch

Director of Early Childhood Education

Panther of Prestige

David I. Sloan

Educator of Influence

Christy Fox

Biology and AP Biology

Panther of Prestige

Riley D. Thornton

Educator of Influence

Kathryn Williams

Chemistry Academic,

Chemistry I-PreAP, Chemistry II-AP


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Nicholas Hargroue 

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Natalie Naramore 

Jamie & Stephen Zayler 

Alyssa Nunn 

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Hospice in the Pines 

Todd & Linda Stafford 

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Pooja Ramnath 

The Heart Institute of East Texas 

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