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2023 Panthers of Prestige Awards Ceremony

2023 Teacher Surprise Video

Top 20 Seniors!

 It is our privilege to honor the top twenty graduates of the Lufkin Independent School District. We recognize these young men and women for their high scholastic achievement, earning the highest grade point averages among the 2023 LHS graduating class. They also distinguish themselves by participating in extracurricular school activities and in providing service to others in our community. Setting high standards and goals for themselves and through hard work, they have successfully achieved beyond the norm. For their superior achievements, we proudly name these young scholars as our 2023 Panthers of Prestige. 

We are also proud to recognize twenty outstanding educators. Each graduate chose the teacher he or she wished to honor as a Teacher of Influence in their personal success. These educators excel in sharing their knowledge, wisdom and guidance to further the quest for learning and the desire for excellence. They represent the teachers of LISD who have gone above and beyond to educate our students. 

The Lufkin ISD Education Foundation Board thanks Linebarger Goggan Blair and Sampson, LLP for their generous underwriting of this event. We are grateful that they share our vision of providing teachers the resources to enrich the academic experience for our students and to produce academically outstanding students such as the ones we honor tonight. 

Thank you, Linebarger Goggan Blair and Sampson, LLP, for your support! 

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The mission of the Lufkin ISD Education Foundation is to provide opportunities for excellence in education, promote innovation in teaching, and partner with the community to enhance the quality of education for all students of the Lufkin Independent School District.

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