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2018-19 Innovative Teaching Grants

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Thank you to all who participated in our 2019 Grant Showcase!


Birds of a Feather Learn Together

Anderson Elementary - Grades 3-5 Special Education

Students become experts about birds as they not only learn about birds, but also about the appreciation of nature, patience, mental alertness and a sense of community.


Let’s Play! Teaching Social Skills with Board Games

Anderson Elementary - Grades 3-5

Each morning students have the opportunity to “unplug” from technology and have fun playing board games while practicing social and emotional skills through the art of winning and losing, face-to-face with friends!


Fairy Kinder Gardens

Dunbar Primary - Kindergarten

This garden is about growing readers and writers by creating a peaceful place outside to use their imaginations to read and write fairy tales.

For the Love of Reading

Dunbar Primary - Grades K-2

This grant seeks to instill a life-long love of reading by creating a beautiful, comfortable setting where students can sit outside to read and discuss books.

Books of Diversity Book Club

Lufkin Middle School - Grades 6-8

Adolescents don’t always like to read, but this book club utilizes books that relate to real-life events and value the diversity of our student population to make reading more meaningful. This club also includes community and family members to participate and culminates with a book drive for students at the end of the year.

Dual Tech Lingo Plus

Slack Elementary - 3rd Grade Dual Language

Learning a new language can be challenging. These students learn English or Spanish using Osmo technology to increase skills in core areas of study, as well as creativity and problem solving while having fun!


Trading Spaces

Brookhollow Elementary - Grades 3-5

This grant transforms the school library into a media space to grow readers and thinkers. Students will access more than books to become “information literacy specialists” when the library changes how its space is used for learning.

XTREME Outdoor Classroom

Slack Elementary - Grades 3-5

An unused outdoor area is transformed into a learning space where students can read, garden and raise chickens. Whatever you can learn indoors, you can learn outdoors even better!


Climbing Traverse Walls for Cross-Curriculum Learning

Anderson Elementary - Grades 3-5

Growing up can be scary. Students learn to be risk-takers and problem solver on the climbing wall in Physical Education. Climbing requires mental focus and concentration as well as communication skills from your friends on the ground. A great way to ingrain confidence while overcoming fear.

Just Breathe: Classroom Yoga Helps Us Learn!

Trout Primary - Grades K-2

Young children have a hard time managing their emotions. Learning to practice breathing and self-awareness has shown to help reduce stress and increase the ability to focus. Learning Yoga at an early age can help keep these emotions under control in a positive way.


All-Around Global Art

Lufkin Middle School - Grades 6

This grant uses the creation of authentic art of the countries students are studying. Art is a wonderful way to engage the brain as students learn about other countries and cultures. Students create Hieroglyphics from Mexico and Central America, Molas from Central America, Matryoshka dolls from Russia, Batiks from Asia, Kente cloth from Africa and Aboriginal dot paintings from Austraila.

Lights! Camera! Action!

Brandon Elementary - 5th Grade

A news team will be born at Brandon. Students will utilize problem-solving skills to plan and broadcast a weekly newscast for the campus. This student-led project will incorporate student voice and choice, as well as broadcasting technology skills.


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