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Latest Grants in Action/2020-2021 Innovative teaching Grants

Lufkin Ed Foundation awards 13 innovative teacher grants in the amount of $34,000.39

This year, the Lufkin ISD Education Foundation funded 13 innovative teacher grants for a total of $34,000.39. Innovation comes in all forms. From engaging students with robots and specialized computer curriculum, to using new anxiety techniques for our special education students, this year’s grants were selected with the kids in mind. Thank you to all of our teachers who applied and congrats to those who were funded. These grants fund our teachers’ dreams, which in turn makes outstanding learning possible for our students. Here is a synopsis of the 13 grants:

Getting Busy with Botzee Burley Primary Teacher Angela Pool

By introducing Botzees robots in the classroom, students will become familiar with introduction to computer programming, augmented reality play, and robotics construction. These kits allow for different robots to be built over and over again.

Techno Kids for Teaching Technology LMS Teacher Meredith Cizlak

The Techno Kids for Teaching Technology will provide the teachers at LMS a lifetime campus license of computer curriculum. Every teacher on the LMS campus will be able to utilize the programs for their course projects.

Sphero Specdrums: Tap Colors-Drop Beats LISD Music Teacher Lori Meadows

Sphero Specdrums are app-enabled rings that turn colors into music with a single tap. The students will connect with the Specdrum app and make the world their instrument by turning colors into sounds.

Creating Picture Perfect Classrooms Dunbar Primary Teacher Jamie Mahan

This grant will provide ClassPacks that will engage students in hands-on lessons integrated with science, technology, engineering, math and reading. Students will have opportunities to problem solve and collaborate with classmates.

Smart and Sensible LMS Special Education Teacher Savanna Coleman

This grant would be used to purchase items such as weighted blankets, weighted vests, sensory socks, and fidget toys for special education students in middle school to decrease anxiety, increase sense of security and help students regulate their emotions.

Portable Studio Cubes/Product/Food Photography LHS 11th -12th Photography Teacher Sean Dupre’

The portable studio cubes will introduce students to new and innovative equipment and techniques used in the professional product photography industry, which has become increasingly important in the modern world of online shopping. This grant also provides realistic fake food for the students to photograph using the portable studio cubes. This project will offer a unique learning opportunity and professional photography experience to the students.

Comfort with a Constant Hug Coston Elementary Sped Teacher Debbie Flournoy

This grant provides weighted vests/blankets/compression vests/weighted animals to help special education students with anxiety, meltdowns and transitions. These sensory tools help students who struggle to stay on task and stay focused.

Career Explorations from Trades to Rocket Scientist  Anderson Elementary Connie Burkett

The objective of this grant is to provide students with books that will propel their understanding on career choices. These books will give students the opportunity to explore the many ways they can empower their talents and interests for a productive future.

Bit Coding Robot Parade Herty Primary Teacher James Wade

The Bit Coding Robot Parade utilizing Bit Bots will help create engaging lessons for special education students at Herty Primary. The students will draw characters from a story and tape them to the tops of the robot. They will draw out the character plot to show where the character went and what the character did. The robots will also be used in math curriculum and building critical thinking skills.

Storybook STEAM Dunbar Primary Teacher Marie Hughes

With this grant, reading and STEAM will be merged for students by providing books with characters that students relate to, plots that intrigue, and creative lessons that allow students to apply real life situations or solutions to the story. This grant will provide a variety of books that spark an interest for the student.

STEM in Physical Education Anderson Elementary Coach Aby Goff

STEM in the Gym is an innovative program that allows students to get a physical workout while learning about physics concepts such as force, load and work. Pairing STEM and PE fosters ingenuity and creativity, as well as teamwork and problem solving.

Code “R” Us LHS K-12th STEM Coordinator Suzy Jungmann

This innovative project will give students an authentic purpose to create instead of consume knowledge. The Code “R” Us camp will inspire students to be interactive participants in their learning. Students will use technology efficiently, effectively and ethically as a tool to access, organize, evaluate, and share information.

Continuing to Give Every Child a Voice! LISD Speech Teacher Kristian Taylor and Director of Special Services Kim Kassaw

The goal of this grant is to use the program Proloquo2Go with non-verbal students across the district to student communication skills. The objective is to personalize the program for each student and to provide them with safe places to communicate.


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