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Driving Math and Science Into the Future

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

LMS Teachers Amy Rush and Becky Walker

About the Grant

Driving Math and Science Into the Future is a unique STEM grant that impacts LISD students 6th through 8th grade. Students blend math and science concepts and skills using dry-erase tiles, Lego tracks, and Texas Instruments (TI)Technology. Students across LMS campus will see the concepts of math and science before them as they 'drive' home with cross-curricular experiences. Speed, distance, time, acceleration, proportions, basic math functions and geometry will be key concepts driven home while engaging in hands-on technology based activities.

LEF Grant Impact

Students have been positively impacted by experiencing hands on learning and seeing how math and science work together.

Students Impacted: 1000 - 1800

Classes Impacted: 72


Grant recipients, Amy Rush and Becky Walker, were able to share this project at a science conference with other Texas educators. It was a very powerful presentation!

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