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2019-2020 Innovative Teaching Grants

Legomania in the Library

Jo Martin

Grades 3 - 5

$1,720.46 – Brandon Elementary

Spark! Ignite an Engineering Spirit

Suzy Jungmann, Vada Hughes, LHS STEM Academy Teachers

Grades K- 8 / Grades 9 – 12 (STEM Academy)

$5,000.00 - Districtwide

Comfort with a Constant Hug

Tracy Morris, Lena Nickle, Jill Riggs

Grades Pre-K3 – 2nd

$1,478.29 – Herty Primary

Science: The Building Blocks of Life!

Allison Guse, Brenda Erlich, Tori Watson

Grades 3 - 5

$3,099.00 – Coston Elementary

The Kinesthetic Classroom: Achieving

Student Success Through Movement

Katherine Todd, Destiny Handy

3rd grade

$1,159.80 – Anderson Elementary

The “Sandbox” Augmented Reality

Michele Forrest, Brad Stewart

Grades 6 - 8

$2,200.00 – Lufkin Middle School

Susan Liles, Amanda Gentry, Deana Martin, April Torres

5th grade

$2,074.99 – Brookhollow Elementary

Coffee Cart FriYAY!

Abby McCarthy, Shannon McBrearty, Morgan Crain

Grades 9 - 12

$1,484.84 – Lufkin High School

Listening in 2nd

Kirby Bryce

2nd grade

$895.94 – Herty Primary

Learning Alive!

Angela Duncan, Mary Beth Powell, Heather Price, Carla Smith

1st grade

$2,990.00 – Dunbar Primary

Put Me In Coach! I’m Ready to Play!

Aby Goff, Wyndie Shepherd

Grades 3 - 5

$1,387.20 – Anderson Elementary

OSMO Innovators

Kirby Bryce, Nikki Neal, Alyson Duncan, Amy Beaudion

2nd grade

$3,780.00 – Herty Primary

Breakout Classroom

Tori Watson, Matty DuPree, Hallie Wallace, Carey Stewart

3rd grade

$1,100.00 – Coston Elementary

Breaking News! Student Broadcasting

Team Shines with Latest Technology

Connie Burkett, Lydia McMullen, Stacy McCarty

Grades 3 - 5

$1,300.00 – Anderson Elementary

Parkour and Obstacle Course Training is FUNctional!

Aby Goff, Wyndie Shepherd

Grades 3 - 5

$5,000.00 – Anderson Elementary

STEMtastic Learning Fun!

Angela Hancock, Caroline Leslie, Tina Luna, Mabel Havard

1st grade

$1,100.00 – Burley Primary

Learning to Play and Playing to Learn

Heather Price, Jamie Mahan

Grades K - 2

$2,810.47 – Dunbar Primary

Sensation Stations

Andrea Walker, Marilyn Kegler, Suzanne Langford, Ashley Self

Grades K - 2

$1,724.83 - Dunbar Primary

Giving a Voice to Every Child!

Kristian Taylor, Melinda Bowman, Aley Vardeman, Kim Kassaw

Pre-K thru 12

$2,249.00 - Districtwide

Sensory Play to Unlock a Student’s Hidden Potential

Aby Goff, Shirlene Mahoney, Cali Luna, Shirley Monroe

Special Education

$1,433.16 – Anderson Elementary

Suds and Skills: A Student-Run Laundry Mat

Kayla Springfield, Amy Rhoades, Teri Watson, Jennifer Smith

Grades 3 - 5

$1,703.23 – Coston Elementary

Oh, the Places We Will Go…... A Trip into Augmented Reality

Angela Hancock, Caroline Leslie, Tina Luna, Mabel Havard

1st grade

$2,166.00 – Burley Primary

Set the Stage to Engage: Creative Classroom Transformations

Angela Duncan

1st grade

$419.24 – Dunbar Primary

Frequent Flyer Miles

Amy Bennett, Emily Lawrence, Veronica Bryan, Jena Rouse,

Kenneth Clark, Andre Thompson, Jane Semetko

6th grade

$5,000.00 – Lufkin Middle School

Passport to the Past

Amy Bennett, Joy Johns, Susan Harris,

Dyson Nickle, Brian Crumbie, Mark Kreid

7th grade

$5,000.00 – Lufkin Middle School

Joseph Goffney, II - Sensory Lab

Special Education

$2,797.43 – Lufkin High School

Provided by funds donated to the Foundation in memory of Joseph Goffney, II.


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