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2018-19 STEM Innovative Teaching Grants

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Thank you to all who participated in our 2019 Grant Showcase!

STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math)

My Toothbrush is Alive

Brandon Elementary - Grades 3-5

Students use scientific investigation and reasoning skills to learn about force and motion by turning an electric toothbrush into a robot.

Virtual Human Anatomy

Lufkin High School Anatomy students

Students use 3D Virtual Reality software to see inside the body and learn how body systems work as they prepare for careers in the medical field.

Classroom STEM Lab

Burley Primary - Dual Language Kindergarten

It’s never too early to develop a love of science in children. This grant creates a STEM lab using robots, coding, and construction labs for engineering building kits. These little one learn to work together to solve problems using the science investigative process.

Let’s Get Growing…                                                                        

Burley Primary - 1st grade

Science comes alive as students learn to grow plants in their classroom using an advanced technology called Hydroponics – growing plants in water and air rather than soil. This allows students to continually monitor and learn about how plants grow.

LAUNCH! Learning About the Universe & New Cosmic Horizons

LISD Science - Grades K-12

This Mars simulation activity features the Buzz Aldrin Share Space Foundation Giant Mars Map Program. With the guidance from a real astronaut, students work together to answer the questions of how we can one day live on the Red Planet.

Ozobot Evo in the Math Classroom

Brandon Elementary - 5th Grade

Through coding, students learn how math, science and coding are used together to engineer robots. This truly answers the questions about why we have to learn math.

Learning “Journeys” Around the World and Back

Lufkin Middle School - 6th grade

Most of us will never travel the world and experience how other cultures live. This grant utilizes the cutting-edge technology of Google Virtual Reality Googles by going on Google Expeditions which enable students to see people in other countries as they live and work. These googles can also be used to explore space, as well as follow people at work in order to decide on a career for the future.

First Grade Garden

Herty Primary - 1st grade

These 1st graders learn how to work together to grow their own healthy food. Students not only learn the processes of how food grows, but the importance of healthy eating and trying new foods.

Innovators in Motion

Dunbar Primary - Grades K-2

These future engineers learn how to use a variety of technology in fun and creative ways to learn the engineering process, preparing them for the jobs of the future.

Printing into the Future

Lufkin Middle School - 8th grade science

Science and engineering becomes real when you can create and make something. Students design, program and print objects with materials necessary for a 3D printer.

The Three C’s: Creativity, Computers and Coding

Lufkin Middle School - 8th grade science

All of us use and depend on computer technology. By using Microbits, students begin to learn the basics of computer science and coding.

Let’s Go First ‘Into Orbit’!

Lufkin Middle School - Grades 6-8

Multi-grade level teams will compete in a national LEGO First Tech Challenge using engineering principles to build and code a LEGO robot to go into Orbit.

Animation Creation

Dunbar Primary - 2nd Grade

A combination of Osmo technology and Hue Animation Station allows students to use Play Doh, Legos and other props to create animation while retelling a story they have read, a science concept they have learned and the biographical history of an important person. It’s a new way to play!


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